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Which dentists can be listed on Dentist Ratings .net?

We begin by surveying dental laboratories across America to find out who the highest quality dental laboratories are in this country.

1) If you wanted to find a great surgeon, you would ask a surgical nurse who works first hand with a number of surgeons.
2) If you wanted to select a high quality car you may ask an auto mechanic for a recommendation.

Well in the dental industry a dental laboratory or a dental laboratory technician may work with 15 - 20 different dentists. Although each of these dentists are recognized and approved by their home state to practice dentistry, some may be more exceptionally talented than others. Still other dentists may be more aggressive in their pursuit to study the latest trends and techniques in dentistry in order to provide improved dentistry.

The dental laboratory technician can tell you first hand which dentists are using the latest and greatest in modern dentistry to provide you with superior dental treatment.

The creator of Dentist - Ratings . net is a former laboratory technician and former dental laboratory owner who had a vision to create a resource allowing the public to receive assistance from a dental laboratory when choosing a dentist.

Here at Dentists Rating .net we have interviewed over 1000 dental laboratories across American and to this date only 165 labs have been approved to be a referring dental laboratory. Our laboratories must be approved through a strict prescreening process to ensure that they make all of their dental lab products here in America using only the highest quality dental prosthetic materials and highest quality procedures.

Dentist Ratings .net receives no money from dentists whatsoever. Each dentist has been added on the recommendation of one of our sponsoring high quality dental laboratories.