Are All Dentists created equal?

I guess the answer would be "yes" from a standpoint that every state has a board exam that must be pasted by a dentist candidate before that state will issue that applicant a certificate allowing the applicant to provide dental treatment to the general public within that specific state.

However we know that not all dentists are equally talented as far as their natural abilities are concerned no more than all professional athletes are equally talented though they may have reached the highest league level within their sport.

Keeping with the sports theme, not all professional athletes seek to improve their skill levels equally once they have achieved their professional status.

Likewise with dentists, they have a wide variety of options to continue to hone their skills in dentistry. Some dentists will seek to achieve the minimum standards required by any given state to meet the requirements for continuing education training in dentistry. While all states mandate minimum continuing education training for dentists, many dentists will go well over and above the minimum requirements of their state to pursue excellence in dental treatment procedures.

As dentists continue to practice dentistry they continue to grow their skills and develop their training but not all at the same rate. At dentist ratings .net well qualified high quality dental labs have listed those dentist they believe are most capable of providing you with the highest levels of quality dentistry.